4 PSA Features Your IT Firm Is Not Using To Their Potential

Ever feel like your PSA software has more to offer your business, and that you’re simply scratching the surface of improving your day to day operations? That your journey to PSA-efficiency is like walking a long, but well-lit pier, of uncertainty?

Whether your IT solutions business uses ConnectWise, Autotask, or Tigerpaw Software, there’s more to your PSA than using it to manage your monthly expenses and support tickets.

While they usually do a lot for your business, chances are, you’re not using your PSA to it’s fullest potential.

There are vast amounts of tasks a PSA can perform for your IT company that you’re simply not aware of, might be aware of, and are using in a very limited way. We often see businesses only scratching the surface of all the ways a PSA can assist in automating their business.

Today, we’re dedicating time, just for you, to cover a few of those features you may overlook. In the end, we’re going to explore four easy ways you can use these tactics in a PSA to their fullest potential.

Tracking your time

In another post we stated this:

“100% of an employee’s time is billable…It’s costing the company that you work for or it’s costing the customer…as long as it’s tracked, we can evaluate whether or not how someone in the company’s time is billed properly” (ConnectBooster).

Using a PSA to track every minute of time is one of the best ways a business can grow. Treat everyone’s time as a billable asset to your company, from your interns to the president of your company.

Don’t just fill in that you worked 8 hours for the day, break down your time on each project for maximum efficiency.

Autotask prides itself on it’s automation of project workflows to consistently hit targets with increased visibility for project and event tracking.

Detailed ticketing

If you’re just using tickets to receive IT service requests, you’re missing out.

Service tickets can be used for more than simple IT requests for service. You can create service tickets to track employee projects, time that owners spend on specific tasks, and even marketing.

When you take the time to create specific tickets for projects and services, you’ll be able to have an accurate account of all the time spent.

What’s more, in Connectwise for example, you can add costs and expenses into the service ticket, so you’ll ultimately know exactly all the work or installation costs that went into that specific service ticket.

The devil’s in the details. Let detailed ticketing help your business. You’ll be glad you did.

Managing projects

Use the benefits of your project functionality in your PSA to help plan for your events.

For example, when you are going to run a promotion through sales or marketing in ConnectWise, you can enter the completion of the “yes” to attend event, contracts signed, the amount of money spent on the event, and even the actual cost for that specific promotional sales event.

You can also build custom projects under the tabs in your PSA and budget report along with it.

Managing projects and tracking time has never been easier.

Simple invoicing

We work extensively with companies like ConnectWise and Autotask and their billing integration into their software.

If you’re using tickets and time tracking features correctly in your PSA, billing annoyances should become a thing of the past.

For instance, ConnectWise puts important financial information at your fingertips, allowing you to manage your service agreements through agreement automation, then automate the collection of time, expenses, and products.

This data is then available for simple invoicing, and it all sync’s your clients data directly into your accounting package.

This way you’re tracking every aspect of your client’s invoice to be as detailed and correct as possible. This creates a peace of mind for your billing office, and the client on the receiving end of the bill. Your IT client can see an account for every step you took on their project, through the specific service ticket.

Want to fully integrate your PSA with your accounting and billing?

Read here how your peers learned how to further improve their IT businesses through what ConnectBooster did for them, along with a fully utilized PSA software.


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