How Collections Impacts the Valuation of your Business 

Aug 18, 2022

11:00 AM CST

Typically, MSPs focus on revenue and EBITDA to determine business value, but these metrics don’t provide a full picture of financial health. They miss a piece of the puzzle—cash to collections—to determine an accurate valuation. This webinar will evaluate the importance of collections and how a high versus low aging A/R balance can affect valuation. 

Bring your questions to this webinar, and learn: 

  • Why are timely collections important? 
  • What is net present value? 
  • How can collections affect valuation? 


Learn from experienced professionals.

Jason Gingerich

CPA, Chief Financial Officer 

Jason is a seasoned financial expert who has built and guided the financial infrastructure of ConnectBooster for more than a decade. In his role, he provides strategic leadership for budgeting and financial planning, forecasting, internal and external valuation, audit prepared GAAP financials and aligning the company vision with financial goals. Jason is passionate about financial analysis and believes financial statements are the blueprints to company health.


Taylor Thorson

Channel Manager

Taylor is responsible for partner engagement and representing ConnectBooster at industry events and activities. Since joining the company in 2020, she has evangelized ConnectBooster payment and accounts receivable automation as a competitive advantage for MSPs. Taylor is a frequent webinar and podcast host, and event speaker in the Channel.