Urgent Message From Ryan Goodman | COVID-19

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Urgent Message From Ryan Goodman | COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020

If you’re like a lot of service providers we’ve talked to this week, you might be hustling harder than you ever have for your clients, but at the same time struggling to collect payments. There are options to help with bringing your money in the door, and Ryan walks through what you can do right now to help.

Our US-based support team is working around the clock to get businesses set-up accepting digital payments ASAP – all it takes is a single 2-hour remote installation to get started. To help as best we can, we’re giving $200 off our installation and in some cases, we’re getting MSPs set up same-day. If you’re interested, reach out at https://bit.ly/2Jb1nJi, we’ve got you covered.

ConnectBooster gets you paid, faster.

With zero-touch automations and MSP-preferred integrations, ConnectBooster reduces your time to get paid and saves you from time-sucking manual collections. Want to see how?