Sync by ConnectBooster Announcement | Sync Invoices with One Click

Sync by ConnectBooster Announcement | Sync Invoices with One Click

Jun 18, 2019

We are happy to announce ‘Sync by ConnectBooster’, our new tool that synchronizes invoice data between your CRM/PSA and your accounting software with a SINGLE click of a button.

A question we were commonly asked was “if I’m generating invoices in my PSA/CRM, how can I sync that information back to my accounting software?” It’s a real time-consuming manual process and increases the chance for errors. Sync, is our solution. Now you can transfer invoices from your CRM/PSA into your accounting system, as well as payments from your cloud-based accounting package back into your CRM/PSA.

Sync by ConnectBooster eliminates the risk of missing information and saves time on manual data entry. Customers get unlimited invoices and customer service support for the low flat rate of $149 a month.

You can even integrate with your favorite software, as Sync by ConnectBooster works with ConnectWise, Autotask, Quickbooks Online, and Xero. Any combination of the 4 will be possible with this new tool, and all invoice information will be transferred into any system.

Preview the invoice information before manually syncing with a simple click of a button, and a future release will include scheduled syncing to further automate the invoice transfer process.

If you’re interested in using Sync by ConnectBooster but don’t want our full payment portal solution, you’re in luck! Sync by ConnectBooster is a standalone product that can be used with just your CRM/PSA and accounting packages. If you are already a ConnectBooster customer, you can get all the features Sync by ConnectBooster has to offer at a discounted rate.

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Never worry about collections, again.

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