Automatic Card Updater | ConnectBooster Feature Release

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Automatic Card Updater | ConnectBooster Feature Release

Aug 6, 2020

Automatically update expired cards and reduce failed payment methods.

Introducing the newest part of ConnectBooster, the Automatic Card Updater. This brand new feature comes as an expanded function of your current customer vault, making it that much easier to manage customers’ payment information.

Once the feature goes live in August, any expired or deactivated cards in your portal will be automatically updated and stored with the new card information from the issuing banks, so that you don’t miss a beat on billing.

Instead of spending hours hassling customers when their card on file needs to be updated, you can rest easy knowing the ConnectBooster Portal is working to manage your customer’s card information. Your team will drastically reduce the “failed to bill” errors and save costs on updating payment method records in your customer vault.

ConnectBooster gets you paid, faster.

With zero-touch automations and MSP-preferred integrations, ConnectBooster reduces your time to get paid and saves you from time-sucking manual collections. Want to see how?