ConnectBooster Legacy Support Documentation

Welcome to the ConnectBooster Online Documentation Center

This is where your IT company will learn about ConnectBooster's support and installation process.

Here, your MSP will get educated on things like the installation procedure, functionality and capability for your IT clients, the dashboard that your end-users will view and where to go to get help when needed.

For example, if you are an Autotask user, this is the place your MSP can go to learn about sync functionality with Autotask, QuickBooks and ConnectBooster.

Another example, if you are a IT company that uses ConnectWise, this is the place your MSP can go to learn about similar sync functionality between your PSA and QuickBooks to ConnectBooster.

There is a lot here. If you cannot find what you need, contact us by clicking here and filling out this form, so we may better serve you. (we'd put an email address on this page, but we are scared to death of being spammed)