Administration Overview

Administration Overview

The overview page gives you insight into your accounts receivable, upcoming payments, and system health. Please use the left hand side menu  in order to navigate the other portal sections.
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A/R by Company

This section shows aggregate values of all your Accounts Receivable, including:
  • Total Balance - the total balance of all open invoices
  • Total Past Due - the total balance of all past due invoices
  • Open Invoices - the count of all open invoices
  • Companies - the count of companies that have an open balance
The company list allows you to search and sort companies with open A/R. To view all customers, navigate to the Customers page from the site navigation or “All Customers” button, or use the global “Find Customers” customer search.

Highest Balances

A visual interpretation of the six customers with the past due and open balances.

Payments Calendar

The calendar lists any upcoming payments on the day they are scheduled. This includes scheduled payments and AutoPay. Note, only invoices in the system will display on the calendar. Both unapproved and approved AutoPay will be shown - please see AutoPay setup for more information on AutoPay approval.

Synchronization Status

The three latest synchronizations are shown in this section. Details include:
  • Sync Date - The time and date the synchronization ran
  • Status - The status of the sync, possible values are Success, Running and Failed
  • Output - When available, a download of the output is listed


Items and warnings that require attention will be displayed at the top of the overview page. These notifications may include:

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Returned ACH/EFT Notification

Returned ACH/EFT Notifications

ACH/EFT Return Notifications

If there are any issues when processing ACH or electronic check payments, you will be alerted to any unresolved returns. For example, insufficient funds on an e-check payment. The notification is shown at the top of Administration Overview page: Choosing “Resolve Now” will allow you to view each unresolved return in detail prior to dismissing them. Please make the appropriate adjustments in your accounting package to resolve the returned ACH/EFT transactions. We recommend voiding these payments in your accounting package and working with your customer to make other payment arrangements.

To dismiss return notifications:

  1. Select the returns you wish to dismiss. Use the Select All button to select all unresolved returns.
  2. Choose Dismiss Selected
  3. You will see a prompt advising you to make any appropriate adjustments in your accounting package. Note, the dismissal action cannot be undone.
  4. Choose OK. The returns will be dismissed and will no longer available to view.
  5. Once all unresolved returns are dismissed, the notification on the Administration Overview page will be removed.

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AutoPay Approval

AutoPay Approval

When AutoPay automatic approval is disabled, you will be required to approve AutoPay invoices before they are processed. There are numerous locations that will alert you to any AutoPay payments requiring approval:
  • Tenant Overview Notification - A notification will display at the top of the overview page when AutoPay payments need approval:
  • Payments Calendar - The Payments Calendar will include the totals and events of both approved and unapproved AutoPay. On a customer's profile page, the calendar will only reflect payments for the selected company.
  • AutoPay Summary Email - The internal AutoPay Summary notification email will include unapproved AutoPay and a direct link to the AutoPay approval page.
Choosing “Approve Now” from any of the above locations will direct you to AutoPay approval. This page displays all invoices and total balance of AutoPay invoices that are scheduled to be processed.

To approve AutoPay

  1. Choose the Unapproved tab
  2. Select the invoices you wish to approve. Use the “Select All” option to select all invoices at once.
  3. Choose Approve Selected
  4. You will be prompted to agree that you are approving invoices to be processed based on the AutoPay rules currently in place. Agreement is required to approve for processing.
  5. Choosing Agree will approve the invoices for processing when AutoPay runs.
Once approved, the invoices are moved to the “Approved” tab and are updated to include the date and user that performed the approval for audit and informational purposes.

To unapprove AutoPay

  1. Choose the Approved tab
  2. Select the invoices you wish to unapprove. Use the “Select All” option to select all invoices at once.
  3. Choose Unapprove Selected
The unapproved invoices will be moved to the unapproved tab and the invoices will not be processed until the approval process is completed.

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