Uncovering the Opportunities of Rising Inflation with Gary Pica

Outrunning inflation by increasing sales or cutting costs are not the only options for IT professionals. Automation and efficiency can ease the sting of inflation. This webinar examines the often-overlooked payments process and uncovers opportunities to combat inflation through new collections procedures, automations, and operational efficiencies. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to offset inflation without cutting expenses or raising sales goals 
  • The real cost of payment inefficiencies 
  • How to leverage payment automation and efficiency as a competitive advantage 

Brady Nash


Brady has nearly two decades of experience with payment processing and owning and operating businesses. He helps MSPs achieve greater operational efficiency, cash flow and payment security by leveraging best-in-class tools. 

Gary Pica

President, TruMethods

Gary is widely considered the channel’s foremost expert at creating and selling IT services companies. He helps MSP business owners reach their full potential through training, peer groups, and software, and ultimately transform their business results.