QuoteWerks & ConnectBooster Integration
QuoteWerks integration with ConnectBooster

QuoteWerks + ConnectBooster

Automate Getting Your Business Paid


ConnectBooster has partnered with QuoteWerks to streamline your company’s process of accepting payment quotes.


Our integration assures any accepted quote, with a payment, will be pulled into our secure payment gateway vault and saved. You can then add that payment record in QuoteWerks when you want to set up an auto agreement. You’ll never have to ask a client to submit a payment method or login to your payment portal, ever again.


ConnectBooster is the only gateway integration QuoteWerks offers for ACH, which gives your business a chance to lower the cost of taking payments.


QuoteWerks users can have multiple free users on one payment gateway, not only giving them access to easily reconcile payments but also to add mobile payments, E-Commerce solutions and more through the same gateway!

Our clients reduce their Aging A/R by up to 97% after utilizing ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging Comparison

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$311.88 Total Monthly Cash Savings

$29,100.00 Increased Cash on Hand

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging
Douglas Miller
ConnectBooster really helped us put a process together that addresses payment, up front, which helped us scale. Having an automated payments portal makes our IT firm look bigger and more professional.

- Douglass Miller, CEO of Straight Edge Technology