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QuoteWerks integration with ConnectBooster

QuoteWerks Integration with ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster and QuoteWerks have collaborated to provide clients with a unified solution for your payment gateway. This collaboration allows QuoteWerks users to login to one consolidated, virtual terminal for all their payment needs.


ConnectBooster gives QuoteWerks users the ability to have multiple free users on one payment gateway, not only giving them access to easily reconcile payments but also to add mobile payments, E-Commerce solutions and more through the same gateway!

Our clients reduce their Aging A/R by up to 97% after utilizing ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging Comparison

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$311.88 Total Monthly Cash Savings

$29,100.00 Increased Cash on Hand

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging
Kirsten Ekstrand headshot
That was the feature that made us choose ConnectBooster - being able to set up our Autotask contracts on ConnectBooster’s autopay to automatically collect revenue. The fact that ConnectBooster integrates with Autotask was critical to our credit card and payment processing needs.

- Kirsten Ekstrand, Service Delivery Manager Administrator at AIE