New ConnectWise Company Finance Enhancements

New ConnectWise Company Finance Enhancements

ConnectBooster’s newest enhancement really levels up your ConnectWise workflow. Now, you can access your ConnectBooster portal from within a ConnectWise “Company Finance” tab.

Setting up this new enhancement couldn’t be easier.

  1. Navigate to a company from within your Connect Wise’s “Company Finance List.”
  2. Scroll to the gear icon in the top tabs.
  3. Finally, move CB from the “Not Displayed” column to the “Displayed” column.

This tab will directly authenticate your ConnectWise user credentials and initially bring you to the current company’s overview page in ConnectBooster. But, you will have access to your entire ConnectBooster portal without needing to navigate to different ConnectWise companies.

Authenticating a User

In order for a member of your team to be authenticated and use this feature, the must be listed on the Internal Users list of your ConnectBooster portal under Settings+Configurations+Internal Users.

The second criteria is the email on their Internal User profile, must match the first email of on their Member record in your ConnectWise under System+Members. If the email used on the Internal User, does not match exactly, or is not in the first position on the contact information, the team member will receive the authentication failure message.

If you have made modifications to the user profile to bring it in-line with these requirements, and the team member is still having trouble authenticating, try closing, clearing cache, and relaunching your ConnectWise. This has resolved the issue for customer in the past as it seems to update ConnectWise with those changes.