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ConnectBooster is your one-stop-shop where cash-collection tasks are automated and your customer payments are deposited into your bank account effortlessly. Finally you can experience:

  • Fully automated invoicing, reminders and cash collection
  • Scheduled Pay & Autopay options for predictable cash flow
  • Lowered or even eliminated payment processing fees

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Turn Your Invoices into Cash with Zero-touch Automation,
Branded Interface, and Effortless Integrations

Automate Variable Billing

Bill the correct amount based on agreements in your CRM or accounting software every time, without manually adjusting individual invoices.

Automated Dunning Notices

Configure and automate dunning notifications to customers behind on payments customized to send after any timeframe or to exclude specific customers.

Automated Statements

Send emails with a detailed account summary of what they were charged and the services they received.

Automatic Card Updater

Automatically update payment information for expired or deactivated cards based on changes tracked from your customers’ banks.

CRM, Accounting & Quoting Integrations

Robust CRM, Accounting & Quoting Integrations

Accounting Reconciliation

Match and update invoices in your accounting software and payment portal.

Integrated Agreement Billing

Intelligently AutoPay invoices driven from monthly service agreements.

All Your Integrations Synced

Manage all customer payments through the ConnectBooster Portal and sync information automatically.

On the first of the month we send our invoices out. What happens on the fifth? All those invoices get paid. Automatically.”

Kevin Damghani, IT Partners 

North American Support

When you call in for support, you’ll be served by our highly skilled customer support team based in Fargo, ND.

You will also enjoy access to a free online community that helps new partners implement ConnectBooster and learn strategies from other ConnectBooster partners.

Set up your portal at your own pace with our vast online knowledge center through easy search features.