Find Out Which KPIs You Should Improve to be an M&A-Worthy MSP

If you want to maximize the valuation of your MSP, you need to focus on the metrics that matter. Renowned industry valuation experts Gary Pica, founder of TruMethods, and Rayanne Buchianico, owner of ABC Solutions and managing partner at Sell My MSP, offer their thoughts on the top KPIs buyers and sellers should focus on when considering M&A .


  • Top 10 metrics to track and why
  • Strategies to improve your MSP’s KPIs
  • How and why to grow MRR and business profitability
  • Best approach to optimize cash flow


Owner, ABC Solutions and Managing Partner, Sell My MSP

Rayanne is a well-known and respected financial voice in the MSP community. She runs an accounting firm with a national footprint that supports many IT services firms, and also provides Autotask consulting to MSPs. Her work helps IT providers through the M&A process from beginning to closing.


President, TruMethods

Gary is widely considered the channel’s foremost expert at creating and selling IT services companies. He helps MSP business owners reach their full potential through training, peer groups, and software, and ultimately transform their business results.