ConnectWise Case Studies

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Read about how businesses have alleviated their accounting issues they had before they decided to give ConnectBooster a try and how they are functioning after they made the switch.

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Pink Hat Technology Management
Pink Hat Technology Management now has ACH without the bank regulations, thanks to ConnectBooster.
Christo IT Services
Invoicing was a nightmare for Christo IT Services before ConnectBooster.
Network Depot
Network Depot now saves three days of payment processing work every month, thanks to ConnectBooster.
Bulldog IT Services
Bulldog IT Services thrives with incredibly easy bookkeeping thanks to ConnectBooster.
Wilson Computer Support
Wilson Computer Support almost went out of business because of struggles with rolling A/R before ConnectBooster.
Visionary 360 logo
Visionary 360
Visionary 360 now spends 0 time per month processing payments thanks to ConnectBooster.
Rock Solid Technology Solutions

Rock Solid Technology Solutions eliminated the “we didn’t get the invoice”

excuse thanks to ConnectBooster.

PC Works Plus Logo
PC Works Plus
PC Works Plus was frustrated by slow paying customers before ConnectBooster.
Stratus IT Group Logo
Stratus IT Group
Stratus IT Group  no longer has to worry about losing customer data thanks to ConnectBooster.
EOX Logo
EOX Technology
Learn how EOX Technology solved their invoicing problems with automation.
Computer Solutions Group, Inc
Learn how Computer Solutions Group saved valuable time on their invoicing process with ConnectBooster.
Read about how DataCorps Technology Solutions kept their company operating with improved cash flow.
National Technology Management
See how NTM transformed their cash flow by adopting automated billing.
Clever Ducks
Clever Ducks eliminates manual accounting task, saves $600 per month.
Hyperion Managed Services
Hyperion Managed Services
Hyperion Managed Services eliminated manual invoicing adjustments.