Microsoft GP Integration
Microsoft Dynamics GP integration with ConnectBooster

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration with ConnectBooster

The payments integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP gives your company the tools you need to finally collect without hassle. With the integration between Dynamics GP and ConnectBooster, you’ll finally be able to automatically collect your invoices through credit card and ACH payments, with little effort.


Purely a cloud-based platform, ConnectBooster removes any of the hardware needed to safely store payment information and account management.

Our clients reduce their Aging A/R by up to 97% after utilizing ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging Comparison

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$311.88 Total Monthly Cash Savings

$29,100.00 Increased Cash on Hand

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging
Joy Beland
The process before ConnectBooster, was a very manual one. We would have to process each credit card transaction by hand and then go into QuickBooks to complete it. With ConnectBooster, we cut our payments processing time from half of a work day, to minutes.

- Joy Beland, Managing Partner at Pink Hat Technology Management