ConnectBooster for ConnectWise FAQ

Will our customers be able to see invoice details like the ConnectWise invoices or do they see the stripped down details that QuickBooks has?

This is dependent on the accounting package or CRM you integrate with. Today, ConnectBooster can pull the identical copy of the invoice from QuickBooks Online, Xero, ConnectWise, Autotask, and Kaseya BMS. We also have the ability to support HTTP Web Request Commands, if you can provide a custom PDF copy of an invoice.

Are customers able to print their invoices?

Yes. Any of the supported integrations that provide an invoice image, clients can view & print in the ConnectBooster Portal.

Is ConnectBooster secure and/or pci compliant?

ConnectBooster partners with our parent company BNG Holdings Inc. We have our own Payment Gateway (BNG Gateway) that puts ConnectBooster out of scope of the PCI DSS. This is because all credit cards/bank accounts are NOT stored within your portal, but rather within the BNG Gateway’s PCI Compliant “Customer Vault”!! Specifically we utilize Point to Point Encryption and Tokenization via our patented 3-step redirect method of card authorization. ConnectBooster nor any systems within your network ever store payment information.

Do online payments go straight into my bank account or does it go through you?

The payment is deposited directly into your bank account by the payments processor. The money does not go through our account or held in our account in any way.

How do customer payments show up in my accounting package?

Our technology connects the ConnectBooster Payments Portal to your chosen accounting software. Customer payments are then automatically recorded and applied to the invoice(s). No manual entry is required! Ex., with QuickBooks you would see the invoices marked as paid, and the payment record would also show in the default “Undeposited Funds” account.

Do we have to pay per user or per customer?

No. We license the ConnectBooster Customer Portal on a per-company basis. You do not need to pay extra for each internal staff person or each external customer!

Are e-checks or ACH cheaper than accepting a credit card?

Yes! Accepting ACH (e-checks) within your ConnectBooster portal is an alternative form of payment that costs between .35 to .50 cents per transaction!!

Can I use ConnectBooster from an admin only perspective, without giving my clients access?

Yes! You can completely setup a customer on AutoPay, and/or make payments on their behalf without the client logging in. *You should have signed permission to do so!

Is it possible to lock a customer’s autopay rule?

Yes! With a simple flip of the switch, you can prevent any AutoPay rules/conditions from being disabled or turned off.

Can clients see credit memos on their account as available?

Yes, and it’s configurable! Clients can see any outstanding credit balances if you choose. This includes “Unapplied Payments”.

Can I see if clients open their emails?

Yes, we have an “Email Tracking” module that gives insight if a client clicks/views their email communication!

How do I give clients access to my portal?

We have an easy “Welcome Email” button, that sends a client an email with the ability to set a password and login. This can also be done “en-masse”, instead of a one-by-one basis!

Can I customize the branding of my portal?

Yes! You may upload a variety of logos & icons, as well as set your portal theme colors to match your company identity. Any email communication can also be branded on the FROM address to come from you, rather than ConnectBooster.