G8. How to reset and fix login passwords?

G8. How to reset and fix login passwords?

How to fix password issues for your clients:

If providing a password for the first time:

  • After you’ve integrated ConnectBooster with ConnectWise, your portal should be live at: http://www.yourcompanyname.connectbooster.com.
  • The username for your clients will be the email you set up in your ConnectWise Contacts Portal.
  • Your username is your full email address, including the @ symbol and the web address after it.
  • The password for each of your clients will be the temporary one you established. Once your clients are in the portal, they can go to “My Account” > “Change Password” to create whatever password they wish.
  • Because you can impersonate all your clients through the portal, there is never a need for you to know their password.

Forgot password link:

  • In the event a client forgets his or her password, the portal login page has a “Forgot Password?” link.

If a client still cannot sign in:

  • If you have confirmed your credentials and are still unable to log in, it is possible your browser has stored a previous failed attempt in memory and is not sending your proper credentials.
  • Try logging in with an alternative browser or clearing the your browser’s “cache”.
    • Example: If you normally use Internet Explorer, try logging in with Chrome or Firefox.