G20. Why are my deleted invoices still showing in the portal?

G20. Why are my deleted invoices still showing in the portal?

If invoices are appearing in ConnectBooster, but they have been deleted from Quick Books, try using this feature.

On the Administration side of ConnectBooster, navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Sync

ConnectBooster Accounting



Tick the “Verify Content For Next Sync:” checkbox. Save the changes.



Run the Web Connector sync utility manually, via “Update Selected”.


The system will now go through and review every invoice one-by-one to confirm Quick Books still has it, and delete any which no longer exist in QB.
The system does not do the one-by-one comparison unless you go in and check that box. It then turns itself off once it has completed. This is because it is more intensive and unnecessary to look at every record each time the sync runs. Instead of doing this step as part of the normal sync, the standard operation is for the sync to run a different process which says “Hey Quickbooks, what have you deleted since the last time I ran?”. QB is supposed to respond and say “This $$ invoice was deleted.” and we will then remove it from the portal if this is what QB does. In this particular case, QB must not have told us about the deleted invoice, so the best we know it was still in QB.

(Note: The sync may take additional time to finish with this feature)


Please contact support if the steps above do not resolve your issue!