F9b. Configuration > AutoPay – MSP Facing

F9b. Configuration > AutoPay – MSP Facing

Use this page to set up automatic payments.

    1. Click the “AutoPay” icon at the top, or navigate through Configuration > AutoPay.

ConnectBooster Auto-Pay

  1. Click the “AutoPay Enabled” box.
  2. Click which kinds of services you want your client to pay automatically, such as hosting, help desk services, or network monitoring.

The system will automatically pay the appropriate amount from the invoice each month, based on what has been entered in ConnectWise or Autotask.

Payment dates:

The due date or past due date of the invoice is the trigger to tell the system to pay the bill. However, if there’s a payment date scheduled in the future, the system will refer to that date.

If you want the client to see the invoice beforehand, you can do a Net 5, which means it’s due five days after they receive the invoice. Otherwise, you could create the invoice now and postdate it for the due date.

Why a cap on auto-pay?

If you use AutoPay in the example above, all invoices would be paid on their due dates unless pre-scheduled to be paid later, or the invoice is for more than the figure cited above.

This way, if an extra computer is added or a small bill for some extra routine work is done, it is automatically paid.

The rationale for the “invoices under” cap is to prevent your client from accidentally AutoPaying too big an invoice tied to a one-time project, such as a major $10,000 server installation.