D5. Setup > Accounting > Sync Setup

D5. Setup > Accounting > Sync Setup

Launching the synchronization with QuickBooks

  1. Log into Quickbooks as the main “Admin” user account. Set the company file to SINGLE user mode.SingleUser
  2. Launch the Web Connector program. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Quickbooks Folder -> Web Connector.
    • On Win 8, you can use the windows key, type “web con” in the search. (You may want to create a shortcut to the Web Connector on the desktop for easier access, or add the .exe to the “startup” folder on the machine.)
  3. imageGo to your own ConnectBooster portal (companyname.connectboosteronline.com), and login to download a new configuration file.
  4. You can download the configuration file under Setup -> Accounting -> Sync Setup. Click the “Step Three” link to download and save somewhere easy to find (the downloads folder is fine). Take note of the Web Connector “Password” in the middle of this page.


**4.5 IF you or anyone else has have ever had the sync previously configured, please TRY THIS FIRST to avoid a common error.**

5. With the Web Connector program open, click the “add an application” button (bottom right), and navigate with the windows file browser to the file you just saved/downloaded/modified.WebConnector6. After adding the file to the application, Quickbooks should pop-up with an initial permission box, select OK.


  • If you encounter an “Unique FileID/OwnerID”  error, TRY THESE STEPS or contact support and we will send you a modified file.

7. On the next pop-up (may be hidden by other QB windows) select “Yes, always allow access even if QB is not running.” and select “Login as:”  the dedicated Web Connector user.

  • The user should be named along the lines of “ConnectBooster, CBSync, or WebSync”.
  • We are not pulling in credit card data, so NO need to check the bottom box. Click Continue, and address the next and last prompt message by clicking “Done

ConnectBooster Screenshot8. Go back to the Web Connector application, enter the password (listed in the portal) in the right hand column. Hit the TAB key to save. The correct password is found your CB admin panel as noted earlier under Setup -> Accounting -> Sync Setup.

WebConnectorWebConnectorSetup9. Check-mark the box on the left and click “Update Selected

  • Note: Clicking the “Update Selected” button will initiate syncing invoice & payment data, and may be done as often as you prefer!
  • The status bar should start updating, give it 30 seconds or so to see if it has connection errors. If not, you can walk away/minimize and it should be good to go!
  • If the WebConnector tool is currently setup on another employee’s machine to sync, we highly suggest UN-checking the “Auto-Run” setting on all non-primary configurations.


Congratulations! You can now sync your Quick Books data into ConnectBooster!

The initial synchronization will require between 30 minutes and 2 hours or more, depending on the number of records.