D17. Setup > Accounting > Sync Setup Troubleshooting

D17. Setup > Accounting > Sync Setup Troubleshooting

If you are encountering the Unique File ID/Owner ID error message, try modifying the downloaded configuration file (from Step 4 of the setup procedure.)

  • Navigate to the location where you saved the configuration QBWC file. Right-click and select “Open with”. You may need to click the drop down arrow or a plus sign for a list of potential programs.
    • Select Notepad, or any other text editor program.
  • Increment or change any number within the File ID/Owner ID XML Tags. The second to the last digit stays consistent and is the character we like to modify, but any number will work.
    • In this example image, you would replace the “1” to a “2” in both the OwnerID/FileID strings.
    • Place a “2” after the AppName ConnectBooster QuickBooksWC. This is for your reference, to know you have tried using a “2” before.
    • Save the changes to the file.


  • Continue following the steps on the Sync Setup guide. If you encounter the same error again, try modifying the file again with a different number.

Feel free to contact support if you run into trouble and we can walk you through the process!