D18. Setup > Accounting > QuickBooks Online Setup

D18. Setup > Accounting > QuickBooks Online Setup

Launching the synchronization with QuickBooks Online

  • Log into Quickbooks Online as the main “Admin” user account. Navigate to the Settings gear + Your Account
    • Note: (if this option is not available, you may not be logged into QB with high enough privileges)YourAccount


  • Navigate to “Your Account” and Locate your Company ID. Copy the ID to your clipboard.
  • Open a new browser tab, and log into your ConnectBooster portal (Do NOT close your QuickBooks Online tab!).


  • Navigate to Setup + Accounting + QuickBooks Online Setup. Click on Authorize QuickBooks Online
  • You should then be re-directed to a page that will ask for your authorization approval



  • After a few seconds you will be taken back to the ConnectBooster portal. Paste in the Company ID we copied earlier.


  • Congratulations! The system will now start syncing automatically!
    • In order to force a sync to run, navigate to Setup + Accounting + Accounting Sync. Check-mark the “Force Sync Now” box. Save the changes, it will start within a minute.