D16. Setup > Accounting > Accounting Sync > Sync All Payment History

D16. Setup > Accounting > Accounting Sync > Sync All Payment History

Desktop Quick Books users using the ConnectBooster Web Connector sync feature now have the option to pull in historical and manual payments that have been made outside of ConnectBooster!

What This Means:

Your clients will have a much more comprehensive payment history to view! Clients clicking on the “Payment History” button can now display payments that have been manually entered into Quick Books. For example, if a client had paid an invoice via paper check, that recorded payment will now display in the portal! When in the portal, payments displayed are given a reference number, denoted by column name “Ref #”. Payments that are made through ConnectBooster are indicated by a “CB” preceding the reference number (ex. Ref# CB1234). Payments that have been made outside of ConnectBooster (paper check) are indicated by the lack of “CB” (Ref # 1234).


How to Enable:

On the administration side of ConnectBooster, navigate to Setup + Accounting + Accounting Sync.

ConnectBooster Accounting


Tick the “Sync All Payment History” checkbox. Save the changes.



Next, using the date-picker icon next to “New Sync From Date” choose how far back in time you would like the Web Connector to search for those manually made payments (ex. 1st of 2014). Save the changes.



You may now manually run a Web Connector Sync via “Update Selected button” (alternatively you may let Auto-Run initiate the sync if enabled)

Upon completion of the next successful Web Connector sync, your clients will now have additional payment history! That’s it!


(Note: If invoices older than the selected date have been modified after the New Sync From Date, the sync will populate those payments into the portal.)