D15. Administration panel > Company search

D15. Administration panel > Company search

  1. Use the Company Search to look up your customers. Then login and impersonate their point of view, configure payment methods, enroll them in AutoPay, or make payments on their behalf.
  2. ConnectBooster Screenshot

    ConnectBooster Screenshot

  3. Search for a portion of your client’s name and click Search.
  4. ConnectBooster Screenshot

  5. From the list of results, select the client you wish to impersonate.
  6. ConnectBooster Screenshot

  7. Click Log In, and the following screen will open in a new tab, showing the impersonation notification bar. (Note: the contact you choose to impersonate will be the individual who receives the automatic receipt via email, when a payment is made on behalf of a client.)
  8. ConnectBooster Screenshot