D10. Setup > Billing > Configure AutoPay

D10. Setup > Billing > Configure AutoPay

Enable what services you are willing to be paid automatically.

  1. Navigate through Setup Billing > Configure AutoPay
  2. If you want everything to be available as an option for AutoPay, move everything to the right, as seen below.
  3. Click Next to enable AutoPay for software agreements.
  4. Using the arrow keys, move any agreement types you would like your clients to use to pay invoices automatically, to the right column. (Note: the agreement types will show only if they are active in your client’s portal.)
  5. Click the check mark to turn on the feature that allows your clients to pay all invoices, as long as they are under the dollar amount set here.

How high a number should you cap AutoPay at?

This means routine costs like adding an additional work station will automatically be paid, while large, unusual projects like $10,000 server installation will not. Note: each client must enroll in this feature separate from their agreement based AutoPay.

Enable AutoPay for software accounting agreements

  1. This option allows the MSP to flag invoices created directly in the accounting software, as being eligible for AutoPay.
    • For example, use the QuickBooks memorized transaction feature to create recurring invoices each month.

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