D1. Setup > Company Information

D1. Setup > Company Information

Set up your system so you receive email notifications.

  1. Navigate through Setup > Company Information.”
  2. Type in your company information. Examples are listed here.



  • The top email is where we send automatic notifications.
  • The bottom email is where we send client comments so it can feed into a ticketing system.
  • “Show Accounting Invoices” will provide a link to an invoice your client can click.
    • “Show Accounting Invoice as backup” will pull from QuickBooks if there’s nothing in ConnectWise to show, such as when an invoice was created manually in QuickBooks.
      • Note for Autotask users: Autotask does not expose the invoice image; please select “Show Accounting Invoice as backup.”

ConnectBooster Screenshot

  • If you leave it at “Never show Accounting Invoices,” then your customers will receive a message saying the invoice is not available to review online.
  • You can change the “Comment on Invoice” link to say whatever you want. The link shows up next to your client’s open invoices. It provides a link to an email form where your client can make a comment or ask you a question.
  • Portal Security Level considered: “Client Admin”:
    • There are six levels, which you can name whatever you want.
    • By default, 5 is Manager while 6 is Admin. They have to be at or above the level you set to see financial data.
    • Most people use level 5 or 6, so that people have to be a Manager or Administrator in ConnectWise to see financial data.
    • Default of this setting is level 6.