C9. Reports > Payments Failing To Sync

C9. Reports > Payments Failing To Sync

See which payments failed to go through.

  1. Navigate through Reports > Payments Failing To Sync.

ConnectBooster Screenshots

Anything on this list will also show up on the Pending Payments Report.
The difference is ConnectBooster tried to unsuccessfully push these payments into QuickBooks. QuickBooks rejected the payments, so a Payments Record could not be generated.

What causes failed syncs:

  • A change to the invoice between the time the payment was made in the ConnectBooster portal, and when the sync ran to push that payment into QuickBooks.
    • The most common time this happens is when you go to make a payment on behalf of a customer, and out of old habit you enter QuickBooks and manually create a Received Payment Record from the invoice in QuickBooks. ConnectBooster automatically handles this step in QuickBooks. So, when the sync runs, QuickBooks says the money has already been paid in full. To fix this situation, click the link saying ignore form QuickBooks sync, and that will be recorded in the “Action” column on the far right of the page.
  • Credit memos can sometimes cause a failed sync.
  • If you delete and recreate multiple invoices, it breaks the mapping because the invoice has a new, unique number. You would have to manually reconcile the received payment.

For clarification purposes:

  • Invoices are created in ConnectWise.
  • ConnectBooster sees the data in QuickBooks, but pulls the PDF invoice from ConnectWise.