B3. Setting up the login screen where you clients access your portal

B3. Setting up the login screen where you clients access your portal

How to set up the login screen where your clients access your portal, and get them their logins.

  • After you’ve integrated ConnectBooster with ConnectWise, your portal should be live at:
    • http://yourcompanyname.connectbooster.com

Login/password information for clients:

  • The username for your clients will be the email address you assign that contact in your ConnectWise Contacts Portal.
  • The initial password for your clients will be the temporary one you established. Once your clients are in the portal, they can go to “My Account” > “Change Password” to create whatever password they wish.
  • Alternatively, you can set a random password and then direct the clients straight to the “forgot password” link.
  • Because you can impersonate your client through the portal, there is never a need for you to know any client’s password.
    • In the event they forgot their password, the portal login page has a “Forgot Password?” link.

*If you prefer, you can embed an iFrame of the login page into your website to completely eliminate the “connectbooster.com” URL portion of the login. So it could be: http://www.yourcompanyname.com/billpay. Please contact support to learn more about re-directing clients to different domains.

  • Upon logging in, you will see the administration area/ “Back Office”. If you need to add or modify the list of administrative users for your company, email support@connectbooster.com with the user’s email address.