ConnectWise Integration with ConnectBooster

ConnectWise Integration with ConnectBooster

ConnectWise Integration Features

  • Accept credit cards & ACH payments
  • Automatically pay invoices based on recurring agreements
  • Synchronize Manage contacts and email addresses for easy client login
  • Easily View and Print identical Manage invoice template copies
  • Service ticket creation
  • View existing Projects & Contracts
  • Simplify the PCI Compliance process

The ConnectWise Integration gives you the tools you need to succeed.


Tired of spending hours matching invoices between ConnectWise and your accounting software? We do the work for you.


ConnectBooster helps your company get paid faster and streamlines your cash flow; all the while offering your clients the safest and most convenient way possible to pay their bill.


ConnectBooster’s software gives your customers the freedom to make a single payment or enjoy the convenience of AutoPay. Once a client makes a payment through our secure gateway, the payment is automatically synced to your accounting software, reducing error and increasing efficiency.

Learn how DataCorps Technology Solutions
streamlined their cash flow.

Data Corps ConnectWise/ConnectBooster Case Study
Our invoicing before ConnectBooster was a nightmare. We would spend over eight hours per month manually processing invoices and credit card payments.

- Chris Schaller, Partner of Christo IT Services

Our clients reduce their Aging A/R by up to 97% after utilizing ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging Comparison

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Accounting hours saved per week
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ConnectBooster client average
A/R pastdue Improvement (%)
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$311.88 Total Monthly Cash Savings

$29,100.00 Increased Cash on Hand

ConnectBooster Average AR Aging