EOX Technology

EOX Technology solved their invoicing process through automation.

About EOX IT Provider

EOX Technology Solutions is based in Coral Springs, Florida. Their founder and owner, David Knezevich, has sixteen employees and one billing person. Together, EOX Technology offers IT support, advanced IP-based phone systems, online marketing and web development.

Why they needed ConnectBooster

EOX Technology Solutions had many of the same business issues surrounding accounts receivable for managed service providers.

They struggled with late payments, outstanding invoices, and customers paying past the due date. That is until, the owner, David, put his foot down.

The most interesting part; David and his MSP, EOX Technology, do not use ConnectBooster.

The ownership went to their managed service customers and told them they wanted to be paid on time, just like the rest of their customers’ vendors.

While EOX Technology received a small amount of push back, their MSP did not lose one customer after having the difficult conversation.

How ConnectBooster impacted their business

In order to collect payments for their MSP customers’, EOX Technology is using QuickBooks ACH processing service online. EOX Technology does accept credit cards as well but is not taking many of them on a regular basis.

When they do have to take credit cards, EOX Technology are charging their customers’ for the extra credit card processing percentage of two percent or three percent.

Lastly, one important part of the accounting process was the fact that ConnectBooster integrates into ConnectWise. This functionality is a large benefit to EOX Technology Solutions, as it saves them time and eliminates unnecessary extra steps in the payments process.

Why they would recommend ConnectBooster

We know we will get to the point of having to use ConnectBooster. We just don’t process enough transactions to make ConnectBooster worth it. Once we began growing, ConnectBooster’s automation was a necessity.

David Knezevich, Owner

EOX Technology Solutions