As with every new year, I must express my gratitude to all our amazing partners. It is an honor to serve you and your businesses every day, and we hope to continue offering new services based on your feedback and requests.

As President of ConnectBooster, it’s my responsibility to align our company’s direction with our partners’ needs. With that in mind, I’m excited to share a sneak peek of some of the new services and features we’ll be rolling out in 2019.

#1 No-login Payment Integration

One of the newest features we are introducing early this year is the ability to accept a customer’s payment without forcing them to log into the ConnectBooster payment portal. Whether through an email invoice, system notification, or a “Pay Now” button, your clients will be able to pay their bills with fewer steps involved.

Payments made through your website or a generated email invoice will not compromise security for either party. Our platform will automatically reconcile the payment to the correct invoice inside ConnectBooster and your accounting software.

Live product releases can be found here, and we’ll release more information when the new feature is available.

#2 Strengthen client relationships with our Partner Program

Over the last year, invested significant resources in building a Partner Program that helps our partners offer ConnectBooster as well as a full suite of electronic payments solutions to their customers. This presents you with an opportunity to generate additional recurring revenue providing the cutting edge payment technology those businesses need.

Partners that resell ConnectBooster not only provide their customers with all the benefits they’ve come to love by using ConnectBooster, but they better protect the information their customers are processing and storing. It’s a great way to offer your clients another valuable service while adding value to your existing relationships.

Joining the Partner Program requires little work on your part and includes free marketing resources to promote ConnectBooster to your clientele. To learn more about our Partner Portal or to join (it’s free for you!) check out the details here.

#3 Experienced, qualified sales reps for your MSP

Finding and training qualified salespeople is always a challenge, particularly in the complex and ever-evolving IT channel. We understand the difficulties in selling technology services to other businesses first hand. With that in mind, one of the new programs we expect to launch in 2019 will allow our current partners to leverage our team of Sales Development Representatives.

We hire and train many sales professionals each year With a treasure trove of knowledge in the industry and experience setting appointments, qualifying prospects, and selling the benefits of IT products and services, our partners can tap into that expertise to meet their business objectives. This program is still in development, and we’d love to get your feedback on how our team can help your organization.

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About The Author

Ryan Goodman is one of the Founders of ConnectBooster and serves as President. He primarily focuses on working with businesses to help them with their cash flow issues.

When he’s not working, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and two boys, Owen and Liam. He plays softball and golf in the summer and is an “avid sledder” in the winter with his sons! He also enjoys working out regularly and reading about news in the IT Channel.