Simplicity is everything for business owners. Whenever you design a process or tool with ease of use as a top priority, the chances that people will use it increases exponentially. Apple, Microsoft, General Motors, and many other companies spend millions of dollars every year, ensuring that each of their products is intuitive to consumers.

Ease sells. No one likes to take unnecessary steps or continually repeat mindless operations, even for the sake of security, and businesses will typically pay more for something that lets their employees take shortcuts. MSPs often refer to that as a “simplicity or automation premium” for their clients to agree too. Usually, if it can deliver increased productivity, efficiency, employee morale, or customer satisfaction (or a combination of those benefits), clients will agree to pay for that added convenience.

That’s the value of time-saving features like single sign-on (SSO). These options create an easier method for authenticating end-users’ access to multiple applications without requiring them to enter login credentials (i.e., usernames and passwords) on each separate system. Any size organization can leverage single sign-on to simplify the admittance process for employees, saving them considerable time and frustration.

Single Sign-On is all about efficiency and convenience

Authenticating access privileges across multiple applications can be an excruciating process, especially for those who are not very comfortable or proficient with computers. SSO eliminates a lot of the hassle for those employees, allowing them to log in once to access multiple applications and online services.

These features also help more highly skilled technical professionals. When major problems require quick attention or a client calls in need of urgent assistance, who has time to wait while each system verifies the user’s credentials so they can access their business-critical systems?

The implementation of SSO is quite simple for users, consider all its advantages:

1. Increases productivity

With multiple applications accessible from one dashboard or entry portal, users can gain access to their most critical business systems just by typing in their credentials a single time. One-click, and they can get to work. While the time savings may seem minimal at first, when you multiply the time required for everyone in the organization to sign in to each application, the value of these features becomes much clearer. Whether the business has five or fifty employees, the savings can be significant. SSO lets your people focus on their work, not remembering and typing passwords into multiple applications (before they’ve finished their morning coffee).

Considering that most employees must remember between 40 and 200 passwords according to several reports, the traditional login process can get complicated and cumbersome. How long does it typically take to recover lost credentials? Be sure to add that time into the equation when evaluating the benefits of SSO.

2. Improves security

SSO only requires users to remember one set of credentials. That makes it easier for organizations to enforce the use of strong passwords (after all, they only need one) and discourage employees from writing down or sharing their login information.

SSO strengthens employee adherence to security and compliance policies and makes it easier to adopt additional protection solutions. If you add tools with the same feature, end users can log into these new applications with no extra effort.

3. Enhances the technology adoption process

Another benefit of SSO is it helps companies add new applications to their toolsets. The best way to improve user adoption rate is to simplify access for employees without compromising security.

With these resources available from one location, they’ll be more likely to begin using and enjoying their employer’s latest investments.

The wait is over! New options for Managed Services Pros

Are you ready to gain all the benefits of single sign-on for your MSP business? We recently rolled out a new version of ConnectBooster that provides SSO functionality directly inside of the ConnectWise Manage Customer Portal. This new feature creates a one-stop service and billing process to ensure you get paid on time for the recurring services your team delivers.

SSO configuration requires little time and effort on your part (we’ve got you covered on the backend). Get started today, simply set up the ConnectBooster/ ConnectWise Single Sign-On following our easy step-by-step process and reduce the complexity and headaches for your employees.