Have you ever taken payments over the phone?

We’re pretty sure you have.

And who hasn’t? It’s a common practice.

When you do take payments over the phone, are you using a secure method to handle that sensitive information? Are you unintentionally giving malicious spyware – like keylogger software – a chance to capture the payment information?

Did you know, if you’re not entering payment data where it’s encrypted you may have compromised your clients’ security?

Avoid a data breach.

Entering payment information into an online payment portal may not seem like a risky move, but when combined with potential malware/spyware, like a keylogger, you may have just compromised your client’s payment data without knowing it.

If you’re unsure what a keylogger is, it is simply keystroke-logging software that looks at every key that is pressed on your keyboard and sends that information back.

And when any sort of payment data is compromised, that’s the definition of a data breach.

Can you afford a data breach? What would that do to your business?

It’s not that typing a client’s credit card info on your computer is harmful.

Where the potential issue arises is when your computer or network is compromised and a keylogger logs the credit card number which you typed, and is now unprotected and lingering on your computer. If a hacker gets in, they now have access to your customer’s card number and expiration date stored on your computer.

How likely can data be compromised?

When you think about a data breach happening, it’s not something that a virus scanner is going to be able to stop.

The only thing that prevents hackers from reaching any personal information is by limiting your computer’s exposure to sensitive data.

Look at it this way, if your computer experiences a data breach, what are the data touch points that are exposed? What sensitive data is now vulnerable?

If you’re running payments over the phone, you’re exposing your IT company to the potential pitfalls of a keylogger attack.

Chances are, if you’re an IT company you’re working to protect different company’s servers and support them against malware and data breaches. In this situation, it’s pretty awkward if you fall prey to a data breach and leak your clients’ payment data.

If you use ConnectBooster, then sensitive data is being protected by your secure gateway. So anything people do through the payment portal isn’t touching your computer and isn’t putting any information at risk.

How do you protect keyed in transactions?

There’s a pretty simple solution to protect yourself from a data breach.

Encryption. Close up those entry methods through encryption.

To help protect our customers, and give your clients the top security they deserve, we developed an encrypted keypad.

The new ConnectBooster keypad prevents hackers using keyloggers or other spyware from getting unencrypted credit card data.

When using point-to-point encrypted devices, the keypad makes it so there’s no point of access for hackers to gain unencrypted information. Now, if your computer is compromised, the data they take is completely useless and unusable since it’s been encrypted.

This limits your exposure to potential data breaches. If you run all over the phone and in-person transactions through the encrypted keypad, you have no possible risk of stolen credit cards in the event of a data breach.

The benefits to your business:

  • You limit your exposure to potential data breaches
  • You ensure payment data is always secure when entered through the encrypted keypad
  • You eliminate any possible risks if your computer is comprised
  • You reduce your PCI scope by reducing data breach vectors

Why encryption is important.

Adding this additional piece to your business may seem unnecessary, but it’s really showing you care about your clients and their information.

If you have this, you’re as secure as you can be with taking payments over the phone or even swiping a card through your keypad.

You want to be viewed as security experts. By using a secure keypad, you take steps to protect your clients sensitive data, that value, is priceless.

Interested in an encrypted keypad?

Contact us by clicking here to learn about all the ways our encrypted keypad protects your business, and solves your payments issues, once and for all.