I often get asked why ConnectBooster chose to create an integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP, versus the other Microsoft ERP solutions.

It’s a valid question. After all, Microsoft is putting all of it’s marketing and sales muscle behind the Dynamics 365 brand, and associated products.

The answer to that question really lies with the Dynamics GP partner channel.

Dynamics GP partner channel

I’ve spent the last decade working with Microsoft Dynamics.

I’ve seen countless examples of the passion of the Microsoft GP partner channel and customer channel. It is difficult to explain to people who have not worked in that space, but there is a true belief that Dynamics GP is the best accounting/ERP solution for the mid-market space – something that isn’t difficult to buy into once spending some time with the product and seeing how well it works for customers.

While Microsoft may continue to push the Dynamics 365 solutions, there is a solid market of customers using Dynamics GP. The product is mature and stable, and has a large ISV community that continues to build and refine products that complement GP.

It is a community that ConnectBooster is excited and honored to be a part of.

Microsoft Dynamics Community

ConnectBooster is a perfect compliment to Dynamics GP.

Not only does it allow our customers to be paid more efficiently, it takes out the manual (and sometimes error-prone) work of reconciling electronic payments into Dynamics GP.

Add in the integrations to multiple CRM packages, and you have a product that can truly provide a solid recurring billing and electronic payment platform for Dynamics GP.

As with everything in the tech industry today, we are seeing a move to the cloud. While Dynamics GP is primarily an on-premise solution (though our friends over at PowerGP Online are doing some amazing things by providing GP in the cloud), ConnectBooster itself is 100% cloud-hosted. This means no messy agents running on your local machine, no complicated hosting setup and management for your payment portal and a solution that can scale to demand seamlessly.

While we have plans to continue to build new integrations to other Microsoft products – namely the Dynamics 365 suite – the choice to focus on Dynamics GP first was an easy one for ConnectBooster.

Any product that can endure and generate such a passionate base of customers and partners is doing something right.

We are excited to get a chance to tell more about our product at the upcoming GPUG Summit in Nashville in October.

We are a Gold sponsor of this fantastic event and will be available to tell you more about our solutions in booth #768.