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What JoomConnect’s Integration Means To Your MSP

May 6, 2013

Are you an MSP that enjoys wasting time?

Does your spouse like it when you come home at 7pm, every night, due to inefficiencies at your office?

We thought not.

These integration points are sure to save your MSP time.

We are excited to add JoomConnect to its growing list of powerful integration partners.

The collaboration with JoomConnect provides a unified login solution so your clients can benefit from a single login when interacting with your business.

From managing their newsletter subscriptions to paying their recurring agreement, your client goes to one website.

The power of integration.

There is a missing link between ConnectWise and QuickBooks, that impacts your managed service business.

The “link” that we’re referring to is the link that takes the next step allowing you to simplify your accounting by automatically reconciling payments made through the online portal in both ConnectWise and QuickBooks.

Managed service clients can now pay single invoices and enable auto-payments for recurring agreements online, safely and securely.

Through automatically charging your clients for their recurring monthly agreements, you are ensuring a consistent and reliable cash-flow for your business on a monthly basis.

The result: providing your IT business with the revenue it needs and creating value and efficiency with your PSA software.

JoomConnect’s offering to your MSP.

JoomConnect integrates with ConnectWise to offer MSPs helpful solutions to gather and automate sales leads, conduct marketing campaigns and create client service tickets.

JoomConnect also allows MSP’s to manage billing, streamline processes and other functions that can help augment your IT company’s operations.

Centralized customer experience that will save you headaches.

By combining the power of ConnectBooster’s payment expertise with JoomConnect’s marketing expertise, MSPs are able to streamline their client’s experience allowing MSPs to truly centralize and manage contact with their clients.

Take the next step. You know you want to.

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