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An IT Company without automated payments is like an airplane without a pilot

May 30, 2013

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

This is an example of how one part of an experience can overshadow everything else. How do you want your customers to remember you?

Over the last two weeks, I have traveled from my home town of Fargo, ND to Charleston, SC for a peaceful vacation with my wife. I then followed my relaxing vacation with a quick, week long business trip to Bakersfield CA for a conference. Overall, both trips went without a hitch, until the final flight on our return leg over the Memorial Day weekend. Let me tell you the story…

Returning Home

On Saturday evening, two co-workers and I flew from LAX to Chicago’s O’Hare airport expecting a two hour layover. We had had a successful and productive time at our conference, and were riding the high of accomplishment during the layover. The last leg of the journey, from Chicago to Fargo, was to begin at 8:00 pm…but that didn’t happen.
Fast forward: 8:20 pm. It is announced the flight would be pushed back until 9:20 pm because they didn’t have a pilot. Didn’t have a pilot?? Now, I’m not a flight expert, but it seems like a pilot would be a critical part of the flight crew. Not to say flight attendants, the ground crews or co-pilots are not important, but the pilot seems to be a crucial part of the flight equation.

Fast Forward: 9:20 pm. Instead of the expected announcement of we can now board the plane, the airline announces our flight has now been cancelled for the evening…still no pilot. Cue the grumbling from disgruntled passengers. The flight would be rescheduled for 7:00 am Sunday morning.

After the grumbling subsided and I ate a Snickers bar, things seemed to improve. I find it amusing how quickly the world’s troubles are forgotten when my stomach is full. We all received Hotel vouchers, transportation between the hotel and the airport, along with some meal vouchers for our unexpected stay in Chicago.

The remainder of the evening went quickly enough, and soon we were back at Gate 14A waiting to board the plane rescheduled to bring us home to our families in Fargo, ND. Shortly after 7:00 am, my fellow passengers and I boarded the plane. We were then greeted by an announcement from the flight crew…still no pilot! There are not enough Snickers bars in the world to soothe this crowd!

A Great Experience Tarnished

The story doesn’t end there, but you get the general idea. We got home a few hours later than we expected and everything turned out fine, but that is not how this trip will be remembered. This particular airline has tarnished its reputation in our opinions, and our company is not likely to use them again.

I couldn’t help but compare this trip to other business relationships. I could have the greatest automation, sales, marketing, operations, accounting and management teams in place in my business. However, if the ball gets dropped along the way, it can mar the entire experience a client has when doing business with me.

Imagine a MSP with a system in place to effectively handle the process of sales, seamlessly, all the way through to operations, but then fumbles the ball when it comes to automating payments. That one glitch throws the entire system out of whack and takes you from being an all-star IT provider to becoming a collections company (but without the interest and fees collected on the overdue accounts).

Get Off the Ground and Get Paid…

So, like a plane without a pilot, you’re a service provider without a payment. That is a pretty big deal, and your company is not getting off the ground until it is fixed.

Fortunately the solution is effective, simple, affordable, and readily available from us. Your solution is called ConnectBooster, a payment automation service. You can call or email me, Joe Cresswell, at 701-212-1920 ext. 7501 or, to schedule a demo of the ConnectBooster software.

We don’t fly airplanes, we don’t give out vouchers, we DO eat a lot of Snickers bars, but what we DO really well is reduce your Accounts Receivable and get you paid. That’s just how we roll…

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