Earning a client’s business is not easy, you have to work on building a relationship and overcome several barriers to earn trust.

One of the best ways you can build trust is to show how much you care about your customer’s business and how you will handle their payments.

Security is something that should extend beyond words and generic statements. Demonstrating you can be trusted to handle a company’s most sensitive data is critical.

Unsure how you can build trust by how you handle a client’s payments? Today we’re going to go over how you can give your clients and prospects piece of mind and increase their trust in working with you to provide managed services.

Show them you’re a professional

Professionalism for an MSP doesn’t stop at support or contract agreements. It goes beyond and extends into how you present yourself to customers and prospects.

To be a professional in the IT channel you have to stay on top of current technology changes and make sure you’re not using outdated business practices or processes. A potential client would raise an eyebrow if they found out you were tracking your support tickets on pen and paper, or managing financial billing through excel spreadsheets and taking payments by emailing or calling for a credit card.

Times have changed, you have to use a PSA to manage your ticketing requests and an accounting software to balance complex contract agreements to assure you’re billing for the right amount.

As time goes on, checks and storing credit card information on your internal network increases the chances of it being stolen. Private data needs to be encrypted and stored in the cloud. Your business will look like an amateur compared to the competition if you’re holding payment information on your accountant’s computer and an excel spreadsheet.

Working with a professional payment solution can be a strong plus for building trust with a business and inspire competence.

Work secure payments into your sales process

Having a tight sales process makes onboarding so much easier if you set expectations ahead of time.

When you’re implementing the safest payment methods for your business, it includes not storing payment information on your internal network. It also means encrypting every point of your business a payment might flow through.

These are items your sales team should be highlighting when trying to convince a prospect to trust you with their business.

Make it easy to work with you

We all have vendors or partners that are a pain. Maybe they are slow on getting back to you, perhaps they drag their feet on important business decisions. There are many ways a business can make itself an inconvenience to work with, and that includes how you take payments.

Nobody likes having to remember to physically call a business and process a payment, or fill out a check and send it. It’s a pain.

If your competition makes payment a monthly pain, you have an immediate advantage over them, as you can promote autopay or a payment portal they can use whenever and wherever.

Offering these options seem like a small gesture, but making sure your business is not going to be seen as a hassle to work with or irresponsible when they are handling their customer’s data goes along way in building that image of being a great business to work with.

More than just talk, backing with action

Words are important and they can go along way in convincing a customer to do business with you, however, words won’t keep a customer if you can’t back them up.

Building trust is one thing, maintaining it is another thing entirely. Every single time you’re working with a client you must prove you are trustworthy with your actions.

You can prove you are trustworthy and will protect your client’s sensitive data if you can prove you have the right processes and tools in place to protect their information.

Unsure if your current payment method is the safest for your clients? Contact us, and see how we can help you secure how your business takes payments and earn your customers trust.