2016 has certainly been interesting, but there’s one term that’s been the hot topic of the year.


IT Firms, MSPs, and even businesses that support those businesses have all wrote extensively about security and protecting clients data.

One of the biggest selling points of hiring an IT company is so a business can protect their clients’ sensitive internal information and private data.

With all the fears of cyber security that are been plaguing the IT industry, there’s one part of security businesses tend to overlook.

That one piece of security that businesses tend to overlook is the value of protecting clients payment information.

Don’t compromise your customers’ data.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many MSPs don’t put much thought into how they store and protect their clients payment data.

  • Do you store clients payment data in a file cabinet?
  • Is client information stored on a cloud server?
  • Are you storing payment and banking information in a spreadsheet?

If so, you’re putting yourself and clients at risk.

Nothing is more important than keeping your clients’ information safe. Sadly, human error gives fraudsters access to private information.

The main problem with storing data in the cloud – even if it’s secured – is you still risk hackers gaining access to that information.

If your business stores payment information on the cloud or in a file cabinet, you could open yourself up to being fined because you’re not considered PCI compliant.

What can you do to protect yourself?

There’s an easy solution to protect your clients’ sensitive payment information, and not worry about where it’s stored.

You need to consider using a payments gateway that keeps your clients information out of your hands, safe and secure. The less you touch your client’s payment information, the less you’re responsible for.

ConnectBooster offers just that. ConnectBooster not only integrates and automates with ConnectWise and Autotask, but also uses the BNG Gateway’s PCI Compliant Customer Vault. Specifically, ConnectBooster utilizes Point to Point Encryption and Tokenization via our patented 3-step redirect method of card authorization.

ConnectBooster, nor any systems within your network, ever store payment information.

Be a part of the payments revolution.

ConnectBooster is starting a revolution. We want to see the collections struggles for IT firms simply go away.

Click here to sign up to learn about how ConnectBooster can help transform how your business takes payments.