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Let Us Act Like Siri and Direct Your MSP to Some Great Booths. [IT Nation 2015 Info #3]

Oct 19, 2015

Although we could sit here all day and tell you about why it would be a great idea to visit our booth at IT Nation, we might start to sound a little biased. (which we might be)

That said, we would hate for your IT firm to miss out on some of the other AWESOME vendors. So in our 3rd installment of our IT Nation informational series, we’d like to highlight other great ConnectWise integrator’s at IT Nation, because honestly, we want you to get the best out of your IT Nation experience.


Six strongly recommended booths to visit while at IT Nation

Managed Sales Pros: Why stop by their booth? Managed Sales Pros offers services that are focused solely on clearing up your sales-pipeline frustrations. We can’t share every detail, but we can share that they will be giving away something just for closers. Click here to learn more.

Desk Director: The team at Desk Director offer a client portal for ConnectWise users. They will be giving away the best prize at the entire conference, and no, it is not a date with David Hasselhoff (or is it?…) Click here to learn more.

BVoip: Works with MSP’s around the world to incorporate cloud communications and take automation to the next level. Based out of Philly, you can bet George is there ready to educate you on why the Eagles are the greatest team that has ever existed in the NFL (a little fantasy football talk might happen as well.) Click here to learn more. Literally has the coolest email tracking tool among many other IT benefits. Want to increase sales by knowing when your prospects opened emails? These guys are better at creeping than your parents are on Facebook…Click here to learn more.

IT Glue: Offers a leading documentation platform that hundreds of MSP’s have fallen in love with. Your IT firm will too, and well…if you don’t…you will still come out ahead with a great conversation, their staff is AWESOME. Click here to learn more.

Stack Advisors: Offers the very best LabTech consulting, teaching, and training. Did I mention their integrations? OUT OF THIS WORLD. Click here to learn more..

MSP CFO: These guys offer a unique financial analytics solution that creates high-value, actionable information for MSPs and VAR’s, ultimately helping them profitably manage their businesses. Learn more about their tool here.

Coming Up

Over the next few weeks, in preparation of IT Nation 2015, we will be highlighting the best places to dine, top vendors to visit in the vendor hall, and all of the upcoming exciting things IT Nation has to offer, so stick with us!

And while you’re at IT Nation, book some time with us! If you’re interested in talking more about the best tips and tricks while in Orlando, or maybe you want to learn how to get paid on time, schedule some time with our team by emailing here:

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