It’s funny how a problem in one aspect of your business, can cause an avalanche of problems throughout the rest of your company.

One of the most neglected areas of a business is the billing and accounting department, and that’s especially for IT companies.

As an IT business that provides support, you struggle to collect payment for services rendered. Yet, despite this widespread problem, the IT industry is largely quiet on this issue and makes no attempt to fix it. Brushing it off as the nature of the beast of owning an MSP, and leaving your billing department to take care of everything and act as a collections company.

The sickness that pervades IT firms is they aren’t getting paid.

In this industry, you’ll more likely find open and honest discussions about ticket turn-around and call time, but when it comes to the biggest burden, there’s dead air.

No one is willing to open up and admit their company is struggling to get paid.

Here’s the main issue with avoiding this collections problem. Billing complications do not just affect the accounting department. Sure, having grumpy accountants isn’t pleasant, but there’s larger issues that affect the rest of your business.

Here’s our breakdown of how a bad billing setup ruins your company:

  • Your accounting department struggles.
  • You don’t have security.
  • Your clients lose trust in you.
  • Your staff are miserable.
  • You can’t pay anyone.

Your accounting department not running at full speed takes away their productivity, by making them waste time making collection calls. Instead of forecasting the business’ future and balancing the budget.

When your business allows invoices remain uncollected, you don’t have any measurable recurring source of income, your business will never be able to invest in growing your business.

How ConnectBooster can fix your accounting department’s billing struggles.

You can actually fix all your accounting issues on your own, without buying any software, but it’s going to take a ton of manual labor to accomplish this.

In light of that, for a fee per month, ConnectBooster can solve many of your accounting problems, once and for all.

Here’s some of the struggles ConnectBooster eliminates:

  • Collect automatically for recurring contracts or agreements.
  • Get paid anytime by allowing your clients/customers to pay online.
  • Eliminate once and for all the excuse “I didn’t see the invoice.”
  • Reduce the time spent answering inquiries about billing.
  • Automate the redundant tasks of bookkeeping.

As we mentioned earlier, your whole business suffers when your accounting department is burdened from unnecessary manual tasks. If your IT shop has ever struggled with billing problems, chances are the rest of your business is suffering too.

Take control.

Take control of your finances, and remove bad billing from the equations.

For a suite of videos to learn more about how ConnectBooster can help, check out our demo videos, complete with all the different PSA tools that we integrate into.