So you want to Automate Payments In ConnectWise and you know ConnectBooster is the solution, so grow some “Follow Through” and GET PAID!


Follow Through and $200 Ferraris

These may be two of the nastiest words in the English language…follow through. They tend to haunt me, like an old prom suit…you know the Denim Blue one with the lapels big enough to lift a 747 off a runway. Boy did I ever tear it up back in the day! Remind me to tell you the story about how I invented color…back before everything was black and white. But for now, let us get back to those offensive words: ‘follow through.’

In my business it is all about the follow through. In this case: Getting Paid! It doesn’t matter if I am selling Ferraris for $200 each, if I have no payment follow through it is only a matter of time before another business will be starting up at my current location and I will be left on the curb.

Collecting payments can be double, double toil and trouble

Can you relate? Collecting payments shouldn’t be so troublesome, it shouldn’t be that difficult. If you are like me you are already using ConnectWise to automate your business, but how does it automate getting paid? The hard work for you should be creating a solution for the client to fit their needs and budget, and then getting it ordered, installed and working the way your client needs it to run. That is where the blood, sweat and tears should happen, not in your collections. At least that’s how it should be… in an ideal world.

ConnectBooster’s Auto-Payments can make a difference in your business. They will simplify your life and reduce paperwork on both your end and your client’s end. Simplifying and reducing paperwork is always a win-win, so why isn’t everyone using auto payments? Simple: Follow Through! Companies often throw good money away by paying an employee’s salary to collect on past due accounts, when they could be using ConnectBooster’s ‘Set-It-And-Forget-It’ Auto-Pay functionality. I could be slightly biased, but if I had to choose between software that automatically deposits money into my bank account, or having to call my clients asking them to pay on their past due invoices… well, I’m ALL OVER that software thing!!

Trust me, I talk to people for a living; always have, be it Radio, TV, Sales, etc. There is no easy segue into the ‘Get out your Checkbook’ portion of a call. I imagine it goes like this:

“Hey Sven! Joe here. How are you and the Misses doing? … Great, yah, we’re doing fine. How was dat trip to Norway? … Yah, you betcha. Dat must have been something special! … (Long awkward pause.) … So, um, Sven…you know I’m calling about dat invoice dat’s overdue. You know, invoice #347 for $1,200? Yah, well the Misses has been on me to get this cleared up, you know how dat goes. I’m ok with you being late on paying it, after all we’re good friends, but if you could make some payment on it then I won’t have to sleep on the sofa tonight.”

Hey, don’t laugh. I’m pretty sure that is a verbatim account of a call. If you don’t believe me, just call up and ask Ole. He’ll know for sure! P.S. if Lena answers, it’s best to say “Wrong number” and hang up.

Follow through solution for automating payments in ConnectWise

You see, even in this post it has taken me forever to get to the point. I have the solution your business needs for your outstanding Account Receivable balance, and if your friend isn’t named Sven, you need my software!

So, let’s walk through the Follow Through together. Pick up the phone and call me, Joe, at 877-733-6584 and tell me you don’t want to sleep on the sofa any more. And maybe I will even teach you some North Dakota slang!

If you would like to view the run down of our software take a look at our new demo video below.