4 Ways Your Managed Service Business Will Improve Through ConnectWise and ConnectBooster Integration

As a managed service provider are you using multiple software solutions for payment from your customers?

Is your managed service company using a combination of PaySimple, Intuit, Freshbooks, QuickBooks plus your PSA tool, like ConnectWise?

Sound familiar?

Stop using and paying for technology you do not need

A recent survey of ConnectBooster customers gave us some interesting insight.

70% of our customers’ were using 2-3 different tools to collect payment from managed service contracts, prior to using ConnectBooster.

90% of our ConnectBooster customers surveyed said their payment processing software did not connect into or integrate into their PSA tool, which is ConnectWise.

50% of our managed service customers surveyed said they “thought” they had an automated solution of running credit cards and ACH payments.

And 90% of our ConnectBooster customers surveyed told us they now save sizable expense dollars due to our payment processing fee savings.

Based on the data above, why would you use other solutions when these solutions do not help your IT business?

Start saving cost per transaction

As an IT company, when you process a payment there is a cost per transaction.

Whether you are running a credit card for a monthly managed service contract, processing a break-fix payment or handling an ACH payment, there is a cost per transaction.

As an MSP, you are trying to get paid, not pay out a larger expense.

Does it not make sense to decrease your cost per transaction in order to put those cost savings back into payroll or business growth?

The single biggest piece of positive feedback of ConnectBooster has received has been in the cost savings to our IT customers, through cost per transaction savings.

We even developed a calculator to help you figure out the cost savings, here.

You do not have to send out a thing to get paid on time

Your managed service customers can pay their bill anytime without you sending them a thing.

It’s true.

If you are using any number of the software combinations to get your IT firm paid, then you are most likely sending those same customers an invoice.

You are probably sending out invoices or bills via ConnectWise, QuickBooks or another solution.

You are probably sending out invoices via email, with an embedded URL or your MSP is sending out a paper bill.

What if your managed service customer wants to pay your MSP on their own? Or perhaps your customer would like to set up an automatic payment or auto-draft process to make their lives easier?

Why make it hard for your MSP customers to pay their bill?

Your IT customers want the ability to pay online, anytime they want

The ability for your managed service business to accept payments at any time is not something you get from using the solutions listed above.

By integrating into ConnectWise, ConnectBooster gives your MSP the ability to get paid what is owed to you, based on the managed service contract amount that you set-up inside of ConnectWise and your accounting software.

These are the ways that a ConnectWise and ConnectBooster integration will improve your IT business.

Stop the madness

If you are like any of the hundreds of managed service providers we serve today, you want your life to be less stressful, decrease your rolling A/R and improve your business processes.

But you cannot do that if you keep fumbling through your billing time of month.

Stop the madness and sign up for a free, no obligation demo.

We look forward to educating and informing your MSP.


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In Action

See all the ways your business can start saving time and money every single time you collect a client’s payment.


See ConnectBooster In Action

See all the ways your business can start saving time and money every single time you collect a client’s payment.