The ConnectBooster Team

Meet the friendly faces of ConnectBooster! We work together to build ConnectBooster for our current and prepective customers.  You can often find us brain storming new ways to grow ConnectBooster! We continuously work to improve ConnectBooster so it can help you get paid, quicker! That is our main goal.

Brady Nash


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Ryan Goodman


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Joe Cresswell


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Tyler Buechler

Vice President/Partner

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Matt Bitzegaio

Chief Technology Officer

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Jason Gingerich

Chief Financial Officer

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Ryan Theis

Chief Strategy Officer

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Ann Lewis

Channel Engagement Manager

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Richard Hoffman

Sales Development Rep

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Scott Heinle

VP of Corporate Sales

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Tom Reinhardt

Independent Consultant

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Trever Hansen

Director of Implementation and Product Support

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Colton Schumacher

Implementation & Product Support

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Allan Dale

Software Support Specialist

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Brock Nash

Head of Software Development

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Eric Spray

Software Developer

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Randall Fish

Software Developer

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Sean Walsh

Front End Developer

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Andrew Lutgen

UI/UX Architect

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