6 Autotask Features that Only the Pros Know

Gain operational maturity in your MSP with smart PSA integrations.

These Autotask automations will streamline your MSP’s processes, so you have more time to focus on what you do best in your business.

Successful managed service providers (MSPs) know that tapping into time-saving integrations and automating repeatable tasks is essential to building a profitable practice. That said, many MSPs invest in powerful professional service automation (PSA) platforms only to let them fall behind on updates and functionality.

Maximize your Autotask PSA investment by taking the time to learn the latest features that can help your employees save 5 or more hours per week. Here’s a roundup of 6 exciting new features and updates that can drive greater efficiency and accuracy in your business:

  1. Rule-Based Billing

This set-it-and-forget-it feature associates billing specifically to contacts and devices, and then your PSA automatically adds those to invoices. To help customers keep their own books straight and make internal chargebacks to appropriate departments, they need device and end-user details to be recorded accurately in invoices.

Automating this process with “rule-based billing” can save hours of manual quantity/user adjustments to invoices each month. Simply set the association and your PSA will automatically update the user and device counts on a pre-arranged day each month. Your accounting team will love this feature.   

Core benefits: 

  • Unit change automation for invoicing 
  • Tiered and volume-based billing options
  • Less manual effort for recurring invoice creation

If you want to supercharge your efforts here, consider plugging in the ConnectBooster payments automation tool that integrates seamlessly with Autotask to increase your payments automation capabilities. It can help you automate:

  • Payments reconciliation between PSA and accounting package
  • Invoice notifications each time new invoices are generated
  • Payment reminders 
  1. Opportunity UI Dashboard

Instead of drilling down into the individual ticket level when ascertaining the status of tickets associated with a client’s account, you can now gain a 360-view of customer accounts from a single page in Autotask.

  1. Integration Center

This feature empowers Autotask admins to control how external integrations behave and gives greater flexibility surrounding what one can do with the data created from activate integrations. Meaning, you can create custom workflows, dashboards, and more based on data created by each integration partner.

  1. Dark Mode

Bright screens causing migraines? Now, you can enable dark mode, which turns typically light and bright color schemes into a more visually comfortable grayscale.

  1. Live Mobile Updates
  • iOS 2.1 – This version improves the UI for ticket support and delivers a cleaner overall experience for support tickets, including color coding, priority level, and checklist functionality.
  • Android 2.0 – Users now have access to all dashboards as well as the ability to drill down deeper into dashboard details. 
  1. Payment Automation

Automating payments can really help your accounting team gain efficiency. When it comes to paying your vendors or creating comprehensive customer invoices that include everything you offer, ConnectBooster can help. This payments automation tool that integrates seamlessly with Autotask helps MSPs:

  • Get paid faster with variable recurring billing
  • Automatically reconcile transactions
  • Store sensitive payment information in a PCI-compliant vault

This is just the beginning of how ConnectBooster can join forces with Autotask to help your company increase profitability and automate incoming and outgoing payments. To learn more about how this solution can help your MSP practice get paid faster, click here. 

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